Monday, January 28, 2013

Hermana Mercado's 25th Letter from Chile

This past week has been wonderful! The noche de hogar that we had with some members and their vecina/amiga, Jael, went amazing!  We are teaching her now and she has accepted a baptismal date! I love teaching the first lesson, about the restoration, especially saying the first vision. The spirit is always so strong!

We also had an amazing lesson with an inactive member this week, Gabriela, about the gift of the holy ghost and the importance of attending church and partaking of the sacrament so that we might have this gift to be with us always. One of those lessons that pierces your heart. She came to church this week! As well as Hermana Villalonga and her children, Rafael, and Oscar! (Other inactives we've been teaching!) And Ogla made it to church this week! Hermana Munoz was able to pass by and pick her up in the morning, and she stayed for all three hours! 

It was a great sacrament meeting as well. The jovenes had just gotten back from a week at EFY (this is the first time they've had EFY in Chile) and four of the jovenes were asked to bear their testimonies. They shared that many of the jovenes wanted to leave in the beginning because of the strict schedule and no cellphones, but by the end no one wanted to leave. One jovencita shared that she went to EFY believing that the things the church teaches are true, but after EFY, she came back knowing. EFY is awesome. 

Everything this week has been pretty amazing, expect Hermana Iroz and I have taken turns being sick. She had a stomach bug or something, and now I have some sort of illness going on (headache, sore throat). I woke up Sunday morning with a puffy right eye. I have no idea what happened! It was fine when I had gone to bed the night before! But don't worry, I'm recooperating. We took some time yesterday for me to rest, and today is P-day, so I'll be resting some more. The puffy eye has gone down so I should be better in no time!

--Hermana Mercado

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