Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hermana Mercado's 27th Letter from Chile

Good things things week. We had a lot of menos activos come to church! We were able visit la familia Tapia for the first time this week, and they came! La familia Villalonga has been coming for about a month straight now. Oscar too! And this week, he came with his nietos! 

That's actually a good story. One day, one of our citas fell through, and then our plan de respaldo wasn't home either, so we were trying to think of who else we could go visit. We both thought of one contact we had done a few weeks back, but we both had the same thought; she isn't going to receive us. But, we decided to go anyway. The contact lives right by Oscar, and as we turned the corner, we saw that Oscar, his daughter, and his nietos were all outside. Oscar was happy to see us and immediately invited us in. Once inside, we started talking and during the conversation he said that he might not be able to come to church this week because no one was going to be around to stay with his nietos and he didn't know if they would want to come. So we talked to his nietos to invite them right then and there. They said they would come, and on Sunday they came! And it turns out one of his nietos goes to school and is best friends with the son of one of our members. They had a great time at church. We're going to try to have a noche de hogar with that family and Oscar's family sometime. 

We also found a great nuevo this week. Jessica. She is very receptive and even told us in our first lesson without us even asking that she wants to prepare for baptsim. But she talks a lot, so we didn't get around to putting a fecha with her, but that's the meta for this week.

What else from this week? We helped paint our lider misional's reja this week and we were rewarded with Toblerone. We also had a great lesson with one of our less active familias yesterday. La familia Jerez. Our mission, for this month is focusing on sharing El Cristo Viviente with all our members, helping them to strengthen their testimonies in Christ, and increasing their desires to share their testimonies with other. It was a really good lesson. Nothing can bring the spirit quite as strong as testifying of Jesus Christ. But one of my favorite moments from this week happened after the lesson. Their five year old daughter, Francisca, wanted to sing us a song. Her mother helped her hold up this big guitar, Francisca started strumming, and the song went a little something like this: "Yo quiero ir a la capilla... siempre!" Hahaha! Too cute!

Today, cumplo 7 meses en la mision. We got together as a zone and made big completos. I am full of food. 

--Hermana Mercado

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