Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sister Mercado's first letter from the MTC!

AHH!!! I don´´t even know where to begin! So much has happened and I only have half an hour to write it all in. I guess I´ll start out by saying that the MTC is amazing! My days are basically filled with studying, eating, teaching, and more studying. It was pretty nerve racking the first time we had to teach an ¨investigator´´. We just got in last Wednesday and we had to teach our first investigator on Friday, completely in Spanish! It was rough, but we got through it. And our lessons since then have been improving. My companion´s name is Hermana Iroz and she is from Las Vegas studying Neuroscience at BYU. Practically everyone in our district besides Hermana Iroz, Elder Ellswoth and I are from Utah. Elder Ellsworth is from Colorado.
Anyway, in total we have 10 people in our district, all learning Spanish and all either going to Chile or Costa Rica. We have Hermana Iroz and myself, Hermana Carter and Hermana Jones, Elder Hartvigsen, Elder Smoot, Elder Ellsworth, Elder Bergesen, Elder McBride, and Elder Langford. Even though it has only been a week, we have all become close and I love them all! The Hermanas are so fun to be with and the Elders are hilarious! If the Hermanas were just by ourselves we would definitely take ourselves too seriously. The Elders help us to loosen up.
Anyway, we are a beginner class, which means that we will be staying in the MTC for 9 weeks. However, ever since I´ve been in the MTC, it´s amazing how much Spanish has been coming back to me. When I talk to my Abuela in Arizona, I feel like I know nothing, but here words I didn´t even knew I remembered have been coming back to me. And our motto´´Hablar Su Idioma¨ (speak your language) has helped a lot we. We speak all the Spanish that we can all the time, so we speak a lot of Spnaglish. Anyway, my teacher Hermano Williams noticed that I speak kind of a lot more Spanish that the rest our district, so he recommended I take a test to see if I could be moved up to a more advanced class. I did and I was recommended to either transfer to an intermediate or an advanced class. Anyway, the head Spanish guy came to see me yesterday and told me that he would be recommending me to be moved to an advanced class, which means that I will be leaving the MTC in a week and a half! I am freaking out!
I´m really nervous because I´ll probably be at the bottom of the class in advanced, and I´m sad I´ll be leaving my district, but I´m also excited to get on out there. AH!!! So many things! I´ll try to give more details next time!  And if you want to send some love my way, write me on Dear! It´s free and I get it the next day! Oh! And if you sent me a letter a few days ago I migh not be getting it for a little while. Our district leader accidentally remailed our letters that we got yesterday. It´s a funny story, but there´s not ime for that. Love you all!!!
-- Hermana Mercado

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