Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hermana Mercado's 40th letter from Chile!

I am now en el Barrio El Mansano in Padre Hurtado. We're in the stake of Peñaflor. I am now with Hermana Choc, fresh from el CCM. She's from Guatemala. A little shy, but really sweet. And really tiny. And 19! She won't be turning 20 till next year!

Well, this week has been interesting. It was a little hard to get to work in the beginning because we didn't have a map, a ward directory, and the ward hadn't decided what the limits were going to be (we're sharing a ward with elders again) . But the ward is amazing. Obispo Alvarez is really proactive and involved. Our ward mission leader Hno. Conejan seems really good as well. And I love that we have consejo de barrio twice a month! This is my first ward that does that! I think we'll be getting a lot of work done here. And the members have been really helpful, showing us around (since we didn't have a map) and giving us references. It took till the weekend, but now we have a map, a ward directory, and our sector limits established. So we're really going to get to work this week. 

Things we're still working on: getting a shower curtain. We're also still missing  a lot of cleaning supplies (broom, mop, dustpan), and missionary materials (Predicad Mi Evangelio dvds, dvd player, folletos, pass-a-longs, Carpeta de Miembros, Carpeta de Area) but we talked to the office the other day and they said they should be bringing everything today.

Hna. Selk is still in Ciudad Satelite with Hna. Marquis (from Argentina) and they both are training a new Hermana (don't remember her name). I'm a grandma already! The sad thing is that Hna. Moody got sent to the zone of La Cisterna, which is going to become part of the new Santiago Sur mission at the end of June. So this was probably the last time we're going to see her  until after the mission! But she's in good hands. She's companions with Hna. Mora now, my "sister" (She was also trained by Hna. Nelson). 

Crazy things going on, but it's going to be good. I have a feeling that this might end up being one of my favorite sectors. 

--Hermana Mercado 

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