Monday, August 12, 2013

Hermana Mercado's 48th Letter from Chile

This past week has been good. The Lord has continued to bless us with new people to teach. 

Good experiences of the week that made me smile a lot:

 We visited with Romina this week. She has the two cutest girls in the world! Daphne (5 years old) and Helen (2 years old). They remind me of Lucy and I when we were little. Daphne reminds me a lot of Lucy. I'll have to take pictures with them so you can see! But besides the cute girls, Romina shared with us that she has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying more than ever. Since she's started, she hasn't had any desire to drink or smoke! 

We taught the Restoration to Lucy, the mom of Marienela. She's met with the missionaires before. She shared with us that by reading the Book of Mormon, she was able to realize that Joseph Smith was a prophet. But she wants to be sure of everything before she commits to being baptized.

And Venus! She doesn't want to come to church yet, but she says that she's been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon, and she's beginning to feel that it's true!

Knocking doors this week, we found Alicia, Paola's mom (the mom of Coti y Max from Ciudad Satelite)! She's a member, but inacive at the moment. But we're planning on continuing to visit with her to help out with that. And we can share with her partner too, Willy, who is not a member.

Taught Patricia this week, the mom of Camilo (a menos activo). She is not a member but knows that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. She is such a sweetheart. But she too wants to be more certain before committing to baptism. 

Had an awesome Capacitacion Especial with Presidente y Hna. Barreiros. Pumped us up to working harder and having the goal of 1 baptism per month. And teaching families. And that same day, we found a family! Jose and Valesca with their two sons, Jose y Gonzalo. Sacerdocio! We're excited to continue to teach them.

We started teaching Cynthia (10 years old) this week, as well as her brother, Byron (8 years old). They both are so great. Ask a lot of questions, but learn quickly. We picked them up to go to church yesterday, and on the way Cynthia was telling us how she was helping Byron to pray and that he was doing it really well. Uh! They are so cute!

Ah, mission life. One really cannot help but smile.

--Hna. Mercado

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