Monday, August 12, 2013

Hermana Mercado's 49th Letter from Chile!

So I have found a new vice. After a noche de hogar we had this past Monday with a recent convert (Alex Villagra, who also happens to be in the young men's presidency; he's amazing) he served us toasted bread with manjar and cheese. At first glance, I was like "Hmm, that's interesting..." but after trying eat I think I've eaten it almost every day of this week. MMM! It's good.

We received the mission initiative this week and we are going to start opening up the chapel for tours! We cleaned the chapel this past Friday to get in ready for next week. We'll see how it goes since we have to coordinate between 8 missionaries (our building is shared by two wards, 4 missionaries in each ward) but I'm pumped. 

I think this past week we invited everyone we're teaching to be baptized, but we have no takers so far. They all feel that they are not ready yet, so we will keep pressing forward.

Saturday, we met Fedora. We had gone to visit Hna. Ana Rivera, a sister in our ward who has inactive family members. Unfortunately, when we passed by she wasn't there. Fedora, her daughter-in-law, met us at the door and told us that she had been invited to go out and didn't have our number to notify us. Since we were there I said, "Well, is there anything we can do to help you?" She invited us in. She shared with us that she would like to get to know the church of her mother-in-law. We began to share with her a little bit of the gospel message, focusing on how we all have challenges in life, but through the gospel of Jesus Christ we can find peace and happiness. She began to cry. When we first got there and found that Hna. Rivera wasn't home, I thought to myself "Man, we should have called to confirm beforehand", but after meeting Fedora, I'm glad we didn't. 

And Sunday, Romina and Daphne came to church! Romina was so happy to be there and she stayed for all three hours! Daphne enjoyed herself quite a bit too, and got gifts in her classes since it was el Dia del NiƱo. It was a pretty good week. 

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