Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hermana Mercado's 52nd Letter from Chile

Yep. In the coast now. It is beautiful here! It's a mixture of Florida and Maine. Beaches, palm trees, but also forests. We have a lot of old people in our ward. And our sector is HUGE! We have to take micros or colectivos to get around. We have 6 missionaries in our ward, and there ar rumors that we might get 6 more! It's going to be insane! But there aren't a lot of people here. It's mostly vacation homes. But we hear that in the summer time, it is full of people. But the ward is great and our bishop is aweome. Bishop Rivera. He has a son and daughter on a mission right now too! And he has another daughter that will be heading out soon to serve in Peru.
Yes, my companion is Hermana Rodriguez from Cordoba, Argentina. It's fun to listen to the "sh" accent. She just finished her training, so she's still pretty new in the mission, but she's a champ already and helping me out a lot to get to know the sector and members. 
It was a little bit of a rocky week. We were only able to find one nuevo this week, but it was a good one; Eduardo. He wants to be baptized. I think we'll put a fecha this week. 
I think I'm probably going to die here, but I'm glad I get to die in the coast.

--Hermana Mercado

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