Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hermana Mercado's 54th Letter from Chile!

Well, this past week... I don't remember much. I swear, I finish each day so tired here.The hills are killing me. What I do remember is that this past week we had to turn in early Tuesday and stay in our penison all day Wednesday because it was the 40th aniversary of the golpe something or other. Apparently, that day it might have been a little dangerous to be outside. I highly doubt that anything would have happened aqui en Quisco. It's really chill here. The city had more problems. But we stayed in to be obedient. Studied, did our weekly planning, and watched church movies with ice cream. 

It's a little challenging to find people to teach, but we've done some good contacts, and have found a few promising people that could turn into new investigators. The only problem is that almost all the people we talked with don't want to meet with us until the week after el 18. This week is party week. Chile's Independence Day. More like Independence week. A lot more people are coming into Quisco from Sanitago this week to spend the holiday here on the coast. It is going to be an interesting week. We're going to have an awesome activity en la capilla para el 18. Asado y empanadas! And we'll see how the lessons go.  

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