Alejandro and Alejandra just had their baptismal interviews yesterday, and they passed with flying colors! It's amazing to see where they are now because Hermana Nelson tells me that when they first found them, Alejandro said he didn't even believe in God.
And a member of our ward, Cony Parra, just came home from her mission yesterday! She was serving in Temple Square. Anyway, we are having a talent show tomorrow night as a welcome home celebration for her, and all the ward organizations are doing something, from the primary to the Elders Quorum. We the missionaries are going to be singing "Venid a Cristo" for our talent. We both know how to harmonize, so it should turn out pretty good, even if we can't have someone play the piano for us. This will kind of be my first "party" here so I'm excited, especially for the food.
This past week was a little rough because Hermana Nelson wasn't feeling well. Her head and her stomach hurt, but we don't think it was anything we ate because I felt fine. But it turned out ok, because when she wasn't feeling well, our appointments seemed to fall through, giving her time to rest. I also had extra time to study. But we're both feeling good this week, so we plan to work hard to make up for last week. And we just got a referral for a family who lives on our street! Hopefully that will go somewhere. 
One of the new Chilean words I've learned this week is "pololo" which means "boyfriend".
Sorry this entry isn't very long. I'll try to write more next week.
--Hermana Mercado