Monday, August 20, 2012

Hermana Mercado's #3 letter from Chile

The weather in Chile right now is really random right now. It'll be warm and sunny one day, then cold, dark and rainy the next day, which probably correlates to the emotional rollercoaster I've been on. The mission is more emotionally taxing than I had ever imagined. We have good days, and then we have bad days. But even though it's tough sometimes, I know it's all worth it.
I told you about the talent show we were supposed to be having on Tuesday right? Well, it did happen, but instead of starting at 7:30 like it was supposed to, it started more at like 10:00. Hermana Nelson and I had to leave before it actually started because we had to be home before 10:30. Hispanics and their sense of time. But we heard it was good! And we were able to take a peice of cake with us on our way out, which was delicious. We also were able to make a few appointments with less actives while we were there, and our investigator, Alejandro, was able to come, so our time spent there was somewhat productive.
But we had a little scare with Alejandra and Alejandro during the week. We called her one night to check-up on her and to see how her and Alejandro were doing, and she said they were having problems. We went to visit her the next day, and it turns out that they were having financial problems, and because her dad hadn't fulfilled his responsibilities, their water had been shut off. She said she didn't want to get baptized because she didn't feel like she could pay her tithing, and she didn't want to rob God. It was quiet for a while. We didn't know what to say. We're just a couple of 20 something year olds who've never had to deal with stuff like this before!
But then we shared how the church could help her after she was baptized, and more important than that, the great help that she would receive for following through with this covenant and receiving the amazing gift of the Holy Ghost to be with her always. We then testified of the power of prayer, that Heavenly Father was mindful of her, and that he was there to help if she just asked. She shared with us that every time she prayed, she knew she had to get baptized.
And what a beautiful baptismal service it was. Even though the chapel was freezing, I swear there was a fire burning inside my chest. Alejandra was crying when she came out of the water. Afterwards, when we were hugging and congratulating them (well, only hugging Alejandra, we're not allowed to hug the boys), I told Alejandra that I was so happy, to which she quickly replied, "Not as happy as I am!"
The work is hard, but the work is good. And helping someone to have the peace and joy that I have in my life is definitely worth it.

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