Monday, August 27, 2012

Hermana Mercado's #4 Letter from Chile

I can't believe I've been here for almost a month! It feels like I've been forever, and at the same time I still feel like there's so much I don't know. The thing I stuggle with the most is contacting, talking to people in the street and kocking doors. I've been getting better at it, but my goodness is it a struggle. I just have to remember that these are my brothers and my sisters that I'm  talking to and I have the greatest news that they will ever hear! The complete gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored! We have prophets and apostles that guide us today!
Well, the weather has been getting nicer here. We've had a few days of sun in a row. But Wednesday it rained all day! We think it was because there were tornados going on in the south of Chile. Anyway, the work doesn't stop because of the weather, so we were out there with our coats and umbrellas, walking every which way trying to visit people that we had set up appointments with, and basically no one opened the door. I think we were able to get into two homes. It was a little rough, but the highlight of the day was making sopapillas! We visited with Maria, the grandma of Diego, a joven in our ward who comes with us to a lot of our appointments. Maria isn't a member yet, but we're working on it. She knows the church is true, but she just doesn't want to stop drinking tea. We're trying to help her out with that. Anyway, as we were visiting with her, she had us help her make sopapillas, which are kind of like scones. I got to help her roll out the dough and and shape the sopapillas. It was fun, and the sopapillas were delicious!
It was a pretty good day, besides the rain, but it made Hermana Nelson sick for a couple of days afterward. And she was the one with rainboots! My feet got soaking wet, and somehow, I managed to be fine. I think she's just been out here so long that her body gives out easier now.
What else? I taught the Restoration to an investigator for the first time this week and it went really well. Her name is Lindsey, and she was very receptive. After telling her about the gospel of Jesus Christ being restored through a prophet, namely Joseph Smith, we asked her if she thought what we were telling her could be true. She basically said,¨"Well, yeah. It makes perfect sense!" She is amazing! Anyway, we invited her to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about the things we had told her to find out for herself if they were true and she said that she would! We're going to try to see her again this week, and hopefully we can catch her because her work schedule varies.
And Alejandra and Alejandro are doing great! When we were able to see them again this week, both of them were just glowing! Alejandra especially is just so happy! The change is incredible. And Alejandro was able to receive the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday! And can't even express how happy it makes me to see how happy they are. And Alejandra is already asking us about how she can have the missionaries go visit some of her friends! They are amazing.
And Chilean words: "altiro" means like "right now" or "right away"
--Hermana Mercado

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