Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hermana Mercado's 28th Letter from Chile

This week has been a little tough. Quite a few of our investigators have died. Olga, are one set fecha, is going to be moving because she is having problems with her daughter. Because of the problems, we haven't been able to pass a lot and teach, and she hasn't been to church in a couple of weeks. The goal is to find out where she is moving so we can send her information to the missionaries near her new home. 

But Isidro continues to progress. He says he's beginning to see the Book of Mormon in a different light. He was actually praying one day because he was overwhelmed with a lot of things, and then he began to read the Book of Mormon and found exactly what he needed. We started to teach him the plan of salvation this week, and you could just see he's eyes light up with understanding. It is just clicking for him and he's really excited that he's learning. 
I hope we can find more people like Isidro. We're looking.

The English classes could help with that. We had a lot more people come this past week. But before the classes this week, Tuesday I was on divisions with Hermana Alcarraz, from Peru. We were contacting/knocking doors and she saw a car outside one home with "Peru" on the back of it, so of course we had to knock. It was Antonett, the one non-member who had come to our English class the week before! She invited us inside and we were able to share a little bit with her and her family. Nothing too serious, and when we invited them to learn more she said she would talk with us in English class. We didn't get the chance, but the Elders told us they saw her walking around the church, looking at the pictures and stuff. We're definitely going to try to talk to her this week. 

Well, it looks like Hermana Iroz and I are going to be staying in Ciudad Satelite for one more change. And I might be training! President King said in his email to be ready to train in March, but I'm going to wait for the phone call from him till I believe it. We do have a third bed in our house now, so it looks like we might be a trio. Oh boy. Training in a trio. That's going to be interesting. 

--Hermana Mercado

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