Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hermana Mercado's 30th Letter from Chile

It has been confirmed. I will be staying in Ciudad Satelite, and I will be training two gringas. I did the math. I'm going to be the only Hermana training two greenies. I feel inadequate at the moment, but I know that the Lord qualifies us for the work, and with his help, I can do anything. It will be interesting and fun. I will just have to take it one day at a time. 
This past week has been a little crazy. With the special changes going on, and so many Hermanas training, Hermana Bigo from the sector 'El Abrazo' came to stay with us for a week. Her companion already changed sectors, and she is waiting for her greenie to arrive Tuesday. Last Wednesday, we all went to a training for trainers. There were about 35 trainers! It is insane how many missionaries are going to be coming. Almost all the Hermanas are training.
Anyway, this week with three Hermanas has been interesting and fun. Hermana Bigo really wants to learn English. She has successfully learned how to say "I'm tired". She has named Mom's chocolate peanut butter bars "chocolate super vacan", and the other night I was able to describe to her (with the help of a dictionary) the story of Thumbelina. "Hada" is fairy and "topo" is mole. Thumbelina really is a very strange story when told out loud.
Besides having fun, we've also been working. We were able to find a few new people to teach this week. One great experience was we were supposed to meet with a new investigator one day, but when we past by she wasn't home. Later that day, we were walking to one cita, and we saw a woman crying in the park, so of course we rushed over to see what was wrong. It was the new investigator we were supposed to be meeting earlier that day. She said she hadn't been home because she's having problems with her husband, and she was just thinking of calling us, but she didn't know where she was to give us directions or anything, and then we appeared! Heavenly Father is very wise. He's got everything under control.

--Hermana Mercado 

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