Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hermana Mercado's 29th Letter from Chile

This week has been good and challenging. We had a cosechon this weekend with our zone in our sector, and we hope to see some fruits from the contacts that were made. A cosechon is when all the missionaries in the zone go to one sector (in this instance, Ciudad Satelite) to prosylite(sp?). We divided up our sector into about six mini sectors, gave each missionary a map, and a list of names and directions to pass by (menos activos, antiguos, contactos). Members from our ward helped out too! Each missionary had a member go out with them, so we were able to make even more companionships. We were able to receive several names of people who are willing to let us pass by again! We are are going to be doing a cosechon in each sector of our zone these coming Sundays. 

Another good thing that happened this week was with a menos activo we found last week, Samuel, a joven of about 13. We had been given his name by his uncle about two months ago, but whenever we passed by his house, he was never home. Well, we finally found him at home last week, and we were able to pass and share a little bit with him and his Mom (also menos activa). Anyway, Tuesday, we didn't have Samuel in our plans for that day, but we felt like we should pass by to invite him to mutual. Then we began thinking of which joven could help us out to invite him. In our minds we thought of Cristobal Torrejon, and since we were going to do service for his mom that morning anyway, we could talk to him and ask for his help at the same time. When we got there, instead of helping Hermana Torrejon with the crafts we had been planning on (she was busy with other things) she asked us if we could help Cristobal with his Duty to God. One of his metas was to invite someone to come unto Christ. He was a little discouraged because he had tried to invite his less-active older brother to church, and that had ended in an argument.  The stage was set perfectly for us. "You know Cristobal, we have an idea." We told him about Samuel and asked if he could help us invite him to mutual. He readily accepted. He was a little nervous, but excited, and we practiced with him about how he would invite Samuel. Well, later that day, we passed by Samuel's house with Cristobal, and he was home! We introduced Samuel to Cristobal, Cristobal invited him to mutual, and he accepted! About one hour later we saw Cristobal and his mom passing by in their car to go pick up Samuel for mutual. We were so happy! It was just a testimony to me that Heavenly Father is aware of each one of our needs. Samuel needs friendship and support to be able to take the steps to come back to church, and Cristobal needed an opportunity to serve. They helped to fill each other's needs. It just worked out perfectly!

Also, on Sunday, before our cosechon, we didn't know what to do because our citas had fallen through. We left the house to go try pass by some back-up plans we had set-up, but before we got to far, we thought that we should try to pass by a menos activa, Maria Eugenia. We've passed by many times, but she's never been home or her children tell us through a window that she's busy. Well, just as we were walking up to her house, a car was parking right outside. It was her! And she invited us inside! We were able to share a little bit with her and her children. They don't have a lot of interest in coming back to church right now, but at least they are more receptive to receiving us. A seed has been planted. Heavenly Father always knows where we need to be.

Oh yes, and I don't remember if I said last week, but we have an extra bed in our room now. We are going to have a trio. But now we've been told that the situation is that one of us is going to be leaving the sector to whitewash a new sector and train, and the other one is going to stay and train two gringas! Pick your poison... Just kidding, but seriously, I don't know which one is more challenging. Probably training two greenies at the same time. Which is why I'm probably going to be the one doing it. But we don't know yet! We shall see. We have a training session for the trainers this week (aka all the Hermanas) and special changes next week to welcome all the new missionaries. It is going to be crazy!

--Hermana Mercado 

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