This past week was a little rough. Isidro couldn't come to church this week because it appears that he is still having conflicts with his wife, so his date will need to get pushed back again. We thought his wife had become alright with his continuing to meet with us, but now it appears that their neighbors have started to talk about the young ladies that come to see her husband, which is really wierd since we almost always have another male member with us when we go to visit him. The situation just is complicated all around because we don't want to cause conflict in their marriage. 

And Fran y Mati stayed sleeping in this Sunday so their baptismal date will also need to be pushed back, but we're confident that they will keep pressing forward. The extra time will just give us more time to spiritually strengthen them. And we've found a few more people to teach. 
I feel like this week was a little bumpy, but I know we just need to keep pressing forward and maybe refocus a little bit. The work has been going so well so far it was about time we got a few obstacles in the way to keep us on our toes. We might have been becoming a little pacified, so now we have the motivation to take it up another notch. 

I'm loving the mission. It is the most challenging and rewarding experience I've ever had, and it is always pushing me to do more, to progress more, to become more. It continually asks more of me than I ever thought that I could give, and has only increased my testimony that we can do anything with the Lord's help. It has definitely changed my life because it continues to change who I am every day. I am not the person I was when I got here, and I love the opportunity to become more like Jesus Christ everyday. 
Another new challenge the Lord has chosen to give me was to call me along with 9 other hermanas in the mission as Hermana Lideres Entrenadoras. We are each in charge of a couple of Sister companionships and are in charge of doing divisiones with each one of them and providing training. So that should be interesting. And that's about it folks.
Love you all!

--Hermana Mercado