Things are going a little slow, but good. Mati y Fran came to church this week and they're doing great. Isidro... well, we haven't seen him but we have been keeping tabs on him through our ward mission leader. He says Isidro is talking things out with his wife. Hopefully everything will work out. We hope to be able to meet with him this week.

Hermana Moody and Hermana Selk are doing great. Since we have ward missionaries, we have lots of opportunities to do splits. Last week, one night I went of with one of our ward missionaries to teach a lesson and Hermana Moody and Hermana Selk went off to visit some new invetigators we had found the other week. They taught the whole first lesson by themselves! And they said it went awesome! They are progressing really well. They both are amazing! Hermana Selk has progressed by leaps and bounds. Hermana Moody has also come very far, but she holds back sometimes and doubts her abilities. She reminds me a lot of me at the beginning of my mission, but she is far ahead of where I was when I only had two months in Chile, so I know she's going to be fine.
Love you all! Sorry me messages are short. I'll try to be better for next week!
--Hermana Mercado