Monday, December 2, 2013

Hermana Mercado's 65th Letter from Chile!

Good week. Wednesday we went to the Relief Society activity with a couple of our investigators. We learned how to make sushi. It was quite delicious. 

 The weekend was a little slow, and the sun was a little strong, but we kept on truking. We were in contact with Maria almost everyday since her baptism is coming up. We had great lessons on the law of chastity, word of wisdom, and tithing, and she humbly and willingly accepted all the commitments. We were going to go to the temple gardens with her on Saturday, but at the last minute, she called and canceled because her daughters came to visit and didn't want to go. So we just went with Alexandra, one of our recent converts. It was a good experience. But we were definitely bummed that Maria couldn't come. 

And then she didn't come to church. She didn't answer the phone when we called and was out when we passed by her house. So we haven't heard from her since Saturday. We're going to try and get in touch with her today. We hope she's ok. 

But, tender mercy. We were out knocking doors in the hot sun on Sunday, not getting any results really, when a car stopped by the side of the road and low and behold, out came la familia Torrejon and Rocio from Ciudad Satelite! It was great to see them. And Rocio is going to be heading out on her mission to Brasil in February! So proud of her! Then Sis. Torrejon pilled us into her car to meet her uncle and aunt (who aren't members) who live in our sector. So we had a nice little get to know you and message with them. They're not very interested right now due to health problems (her aunt just had heart surgery a couple of months ago) so she's resting most of the time, but they said to pass by in the future. Maybe not a "golden" family for now, but a seed was planted. And seeing friendly faces and being able to get into a house definitely lifted my spirits.

--Hna Mercado  

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