Well, Maria officially died. When we went to go visit her Monday, she wasn't home. And she didn't answer her phone. We were able to find her a little later in the week, and from the conversation we had, she just isn't ready yet for various reasons. It made me really sad, but I know everything will be ok in the end. 

Juanita is still going strong, and excited to prepare for her baptism in January. Love her. 

We also found a few new people to teach, my favorite being Alejandro. He's a 60 something year old single ex-hippie who takes care of his 80 or 90 something year old mother, Sara. She is a hoot. The cutest little old lady ever, who doesn't follow the conversation very well, but she gives a lot of love. "Cuando ustedes quieren, pasen no mas!" She was caressing Hna Venegas's arm through the whole lesson, asking if she was cold and wanted a sweater, and telling her she wants her Mamita to come by and visit her. 
Alejandro had had a friend who had become a member of our church a while back and has gone on to be a bishop. Still, he didn't know much about us and was interested in learning more. It was a great lesson and he was very receptive.

Since it was my last Sunday, Hna Venegas and I offered to do a musical number in sacrament meeting. We sang a duet of "What Child is This?", a mixture of english and spanish. 
And I had my despedidas, where I can invite all my converts, members from each of my sectores, to come to the mission office to officially say goodbye. A little testimony meeting and "once" despues. Also recieved a few going-home gifts. It was good.

So this is it folks. This week is going to be a little crazy. We, the "campeones", (missionaries finishing the mission) have a temple trip tomorrow, a special trip and lunch with President Wednesday, and then a Christmas Conference with the whole mission and getting on a plane Thursday. 

Hna Venegas convinced me to get a haircut before I come home.
I'll probably write one more entry when I get home to finish this thing off, but for now, just know it's been great, and I'll see you all soon! 

--Hna Mercado