We were able to get in contact with Maria again. She had smoked so we had to push her fecha back. Then we lost contact with her again. When we were able to reconnect, she said that she was unsure if she should be baptized, since she still struggles to not smoke sometimes, and she also feels that she might actually be leaving her husband behind by being baptized since he was baptized Catholic. We did what we could to help her resolve her concerns and in the end invited her to pray to know if she should prepare to be baptized. Things are a little tense, but we trust that we've done everything that we can and it is in the Lord's hands. We have to respect her agency. We'll be verifying with her today to see if she feels that she should move forward. We hope to be able to help her to continue to progress towards a fecha. 

But, miracle, we were able to put another fecha with one of our new investigators last week! Juanita! She is a sweet abuela in a wheelchair who's been handicapped her whole life. We shared the plan of salvation with her. As she shared with us the challenges and difficulties that she's had in her life due to her disability and her relationships in her family, my thought was, she is so humble and prepared, which made me think of Alma 32:6. After the lesson, she said that before, life didn't have meaning to her, but now it all makes sense. She readily accepted the baptismal invitation. And she came to church! She was warmly received by the members and loved it! Not to mention it was our primary program, so that was a bonus.

Found quite a few new investigators this week with the help and guidance of the Lord. I know he is leading us to these great people. 

We were able to meet Cecilia and Rodrigo, Sofia's parents this week and share a little bit with them. And then Cecilia and Sofia came to the Relief Society activity on Wednesday to learn how to decorate cupcakes for Christmas!

Yesterday, we were knocking doors, not getting many results, so we did the stop and say a little prayer technique. Next door, the lady (Isolina) let us in. We were able to share with her, her husband, Octavio, and her little nietos. They're from Peru. After the closing prayer, she shared with us that her father is seriously ill. He's never been ill. She had been in the shower before we had come, thinking why is this happening, and had started to cry. It was just a little bit later, when she was drying her hair that she heard us calling at the door. She says she thinks God sent us to her from heaven. :)

I know God loves all his children and is mindful of every single one of our needs. I know that the fulness of his gospel is found in this church. There is no doubt in my mind. And he gives everyone of his children the opportunity to hear it. 

--Hna Mercado