Things are going pretty well. Both Hermana Moody and Hermana Selk are progressing well. They both have powerful testimonies and an enthusiasm for the work. Hermana Selk is progressing a little quicker with the spanish, so Hermana Moody gets down on herself sometimes, but Hermana Selk and I are getting better at cheering her up. 
We weren't able to meet with Isidro this week, and he didn't make it to church either. He had an emergency at work and his daughter is having some problems with her health. I'm a little worried, but we're trying to stay in contact with him every day. 

And we found new people to teach this week. Jose, from one of our English classes, seems like he's open to learning more. Hermana Moody actually did that contact and got his information all by herself! Another one, Nancy, was a street contact. We were out contacting, letting Hermana Selk and Hermana Moody take turns taking the lead in contacts, and we passed by this woman watering her patio. I felt like we should talk to her, so I struck up a conversation. It turns out that Nancy doesn't have any set religion, has heard a little bit about the Mormons, but in the beginning she didn't seem very interested, saying she works all the time, and her only days free are Sundays. We were a little insistent and said we only wanted to share a message of about ten minutes. So she went to go put her hose away, came back, and said, "Ok, go ahead". So I taught the restoration. Explained the great apostasy, shared the first vision, testified of the Book of Mormon, and invited her to read and pray. It had been one of Hermana Selk's goal this past week to place a Book of Mormon, so she was able to give the Book of Mormon she had been carrying around to Nancy. Both Hermana Moody and Hermana Selk shared their testimonies as well, and it was just so powerful. Nancy seems a little skeptical, but accepted our invitation to read and pray, and we set up an appointment to visit with hernext Sunday. I love sharing the Restoration. It was a good day.

We also had a lot of meetings this past week. Our district meeting, a special training meeting, the greenie meeting. It was a party at the greenie meeting. There are so many new missionaries! 

I feel like there are other stories I should be including in here. We have a good time, Hermana Moody, Selk, and I. They both are a hoot and a half. Both Kid Histroy fans, and both have seen "7 Brides for 7 Brothers". My mind is kind of a blur though. I'll try to share some funny stories next time, because the funny moments just keep rolling. 

--Hermana Mercado