Well, I hit my half-way mark last week. I can't believe I'm already half-way done with my mission! This is insane! They say after you're half-way done, the rest of the time just flies. I guess I'm just going to have to soak up every minute of it!

This week was amazing. Paola and her family are progressing tremendously. Reading, praying, setting up a schedule with us so we can see them twice a week, and they came to church and loved it! Paola is signed up to participate in a baby shower that's coming up in the ward, Francesca is planning on going on a single adult retreat (she also had someone help her download the scriptures on her phone), and Matias has this week full of young men activities. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!

And we've been so blessed this week to find more people that are just so prepared. One of our investigators gave us Paula as a  reference, and when we went over to visit her, it turns out she is a member, but she's been inactive for a while. She is going through a bit of a difficult time, separating from her husband and she wants to come back to church. And she wants her two children to be baptized! 

Later on we were contacting, knocking on doors and this one family let us right on in. They've also been going through a difficult time, have family who are members, and are super interested in learning more about the church and how they can become members! Haydee and Javiera. They are super sweet.

I have no idea why the Lord has decided to bless us so much. It is just a testimony to me that the Lord really is hastening his work. As was said in General Conference, with the increasing numbers of missionaries, the Lord is preparing more people to receive them.

The church is true. 

Sorry I haven't sent pictures in a while. The computers here are silly sometimes.I will do my best to send some next week.

--Hermana Mercado