Things are going pretty good. We found it a little hard to teach lessons this past week due to the Easter weekend, but we still found people to teach. We started teaching Jose this week, a man we met in our English classes, and he is really receptive. And Isidro, our one investigator that is progressing at the moment, has started to read the Book of Mormon from the beginning all on his own! He's even told us multiple times that he has the desire to be baptized! The only thing that is holding him back at the moment is his wife. She has no interest in listening to our message, and it seems that she's even a little against him continuing with us. He didn't come to church this week to try and keep the peace. We're praying hard that his wife's heart will change and doing everything we can to serve them.

Besides that, things are going swimmingly. Hermana Selk and Hermana Moody are speaking more Spanish everyday, and the Spanish mistakes that they make help to add comic relief to our studies. Hermana Selk keeps saying "Nuestro almuerzo Padre Celestial" instead of "Nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial", but I swear they're improving!

We had a lovely Easter Sunday. We made pancakes and had a little Easter egg hunt thanks to my mother's lovely easter package. Church was fantastic, we did a great Cosechon in El Abrazo, and then finished the day doing divisions with our ward missionaries to visit the less actives in our ward. I think Hermana Moody and Hermana Selk were a little nervous to go off on their own with another person, but they were fine.

I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ and his atonement. If it wasn't for him, I don't think I could be doing what I'm doing now. But I know that with his help I can do anything. He is risen, and thanks to him, we shall all live again. I can't wait for this weekend when we get to listen to His living prophet!!!! It is going to be amazing!!!

--Hermana Mercado

p.s. For all you Saturday's Warrior fans, Hermana Selk's best friend's Mom is Pam. I know. My mind was blown as well. I plan on meeting her after the mission.