Monday, April 29, 2013

Hermana Mercado's 34th Letter from Chile!

Things are going wonderfully. The Lord has been blessing us probably way more than we deserve. We keep finding people that are so prepared. This past week we found Gloria. She used to date a Mormon guy and went to church with him several times. She is very interested in learning more along with her children (who we actually contacted in the street first), Sebastian y Connie. 

We were also able to see Isidro this past week, and he wants to be baptized! He said he fasted and received an answer that it was right. As us and the ward have been there to help him and his family through his daughter's operation on her knee, he says his wife has become more open and told him that if he wanted to get baptized, it was ok with her. We're preparing him for the 19th of May!

This past week we also invited Paola's children, Francesca y Matias to prepare to be baptized the 5th of June. They said they felt like they needed more time because they still need to learn more. We tried to calm their doubts, telling them that they don't need to know everything before they're baptized. We know that they can be prepared. They just need to have a desire to follow Jesus Christ and to keep learning and progressing. I know I certainly didn't know everything when I was baptized, but I knew it was right. They said they wanted to take time to pray about it. They came to church again (even though they had gotten home late the night before) and again had a great experience. We'll see how things go in our lessons with them this week. I know they're ready. 

We started teaching Paula's children this week, Constanza (10) and Maximiliano (9). They're really sweet. We are preparing them to be baptized June 2nd. 

Lots of good things. My joy is full. The gospel is true. Love you all!

--Hermana Mercado

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