Monday, October 14, 2013

Hermana Mercado's 58th Letter from Chile

Well, Hermana Turville and Hermana Aspajo have joined us here in Quisco. Now we have a party in our house. Hermana Turville is from Utah and is crazy. But I like it. It keeps things entertaining. Hermana Aspajo is from Peru and is a little bit on the quieter side; likes to keep to herself. We'll see if we can help her to open up a bit more.

Things are going good. Since we've split the sector it feels like we are kind of doing a whitewash because we had been working more in the other  part of our sector where the Hermanas are now. So this week we've been getting to know our area a little better and doing lots of contacts. It's a little bit of a challenge because there are lots of areas that don't have a lot of people, but we've been becoming more familiar with where exactly are the areas that are populated. And we've seen miracles. My favorite had to be from the other day that we were in one area contacting people and looking up a reference. Well, the reference turned us down flat, so we decided to contact all the other houses in the street, which all turned out to be vacant or the people were just there on vacation so they weren't very interested. But after we came out of the street an older man with a walking stick came right up to us and told us that he would like us to visit him so he can learn more about our church. He is alone and says he would like to have a group to be integrated with. That was easy. We have a cita set up to visit him this week. I love when God brings the people to us when we're having a little trouble finding them ourselves.

Things have been a little intense with Carlos. We've already taught him all the lessons. We had a very straight forward lesson with him the other day. He says he's going to take 10 days to make a decision whether to be baptized and move forward or stop meeting with us. We'll see how things go. I feel like he knows that this church is true. He's had too many spiritual experiences with us to not be able to recognize that. But he's scared to make the commitment; scared of making the commitment and falling away. We've done all we can to calm he's fears, to teach him clearly the doctrine, testify of the truth and the blessings, but now it's just up to him to decide what he wants to do.

--Hna Mercado

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