Monday, October 28, 2013

Hermana Mercado's 60th Letter from Chile!

Good things. We found two great nuevos this week! Priscila and Juan. Priscila is a relatively young mother with a 14 year old daughter. She is very open to listening to all religions and the message of the restoration peaked her interest. She is willing to find out if it is true. We were even able to give her a tour of the chapel this past week!

And Juan. When we met him, we were actually just trying to find an address, and stopped to ask him for directions. We thanked him for his help and asked if there was anything we could do to help him. Well, we could share a little bit of our message. So we started to share about the Book of Mormon, which sparked a lot of good questions from him. He says his not that interested in religion, but he is interested in learning more and in reading the Book of Mormon. He also has the cutest 5 year old son, Isaias. Good stuff.

And we had 4 baptisms in our ward this week! Two jovenes, Vanesa y Antonio and a mother and son, Ximena y Aaron. One baptismal service Wednesday and one Saturday. Although none were our investigators, we contributed with a musical number in each baptism. 

We also had divisions with Hna Carter, our Hna Lider Entrenadora. I love that woman. She is so great and gave us a lot of good advice. 

And I forget if I mentioned it last time, but Elder Holland is coming to Chile. No big.

--Hna Mercado

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