Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hermana Mercado's 59th Letter from Chile

Things were really good this week. We've been making good friends, finding nuevos, and teaching more consistent lessons.

We started teaching Luis this week, the man who stopped us in the street the other week to come and visit him. He is divorced and all his children live in Santiago so he's a bit lonely. He is looking for peace. He is a very philosophical man, and asks very interesting questions. Anyway, we shared the restoration with him, and he is very willing to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.

And Carlos died. Well, half-died. He gave us an answer this past week that he does not want to get baptized right now, but he wants to keep coming to church and learning. It was an intense lesson. We got it out of him that he knows the church is true, and he knows he should be baptized, even he has the desire to prepare for baptism, but he just says that he needs to put some things in his life in order before he does get baptized. What those things are, he did not say, but he says he might discuss them with us in the future. But he doesn't want to put a date. So, we're going to stop teaching him for a while. But he still came to church. Ugh! We don't know what to do with him.

We just hit a bump when we took turns being sick the last two days of the week. Luckily, I was able to get a priesthood blessing from the elders and I'm feeling a lot better now (just a little headache and cold now) but Hermana Rodriguez fell sick yesterday and still isn't feeling so hot. We're going to try and get her a blessing today.
Funny thing. The bishop asked us (the Hermanas) to sing a musical number in sacrament meeting, so we did. After, an investigator who is getting baptized this week came up to us to ask us if we would sing at her baptism. Later, an Hermano came to ask if we would sing a song at a ward activity they are having this week (a despedida of a couple of members who are moving to Florida), and then our lider misional asked us to sing in the other baptsim that we are having this coming weekend. Well, that was interesting. The Hermanas are in high demand this week.
--Hna Mercado

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