Monday, October 15, 2012

Hermana Mercado's 11th Letter from Chile!

Oh how time flies! Last week on Friday, we had a special training meeting for all the missionaries who are finishing their second change (all us missionaries who got to the mission field in the beginning of August) and their trainers. After this change that is coming up this week, we are no longer "greenies" or "nuevos". I can't believe it!

And I'm freaking out a little bit inside because, this change (which is coming up on Thursday) it is almost certain that Hermana Nelson will be leaving me to go to a new sector. I'll have to get my new companion acquainted with our sector, our ward members, our investigators, and I'll have to be in charge of the cell phone for a while! Ah!!! 

I'm not just nervous about taking the lead a little bit, but I'm also nervous because I don't know how I'm going to fill Hermana Nelson's shoes. She just has such a great love for this people, and them for her. Although I'm understanding the people better, I still struggle speaking, so I don't have as strong a connection with the people we're serving as Hermana Nelson does. But maybe this is what this change is for. To give me the opportunity to become closer to the people, and to improve my Spanish because I'll have to do a lot of the talking in the beginning. My Spanish will also probably be improving because it's a pretty good possibility that I'll be getting a Hispanic companion this time around. 

I know that if I do have changes, it's because the Lord knows I can handle this, and if I press forward with faith, even though the path may seem dark right now, he will illuminate the way. 

And on Friday, (I'm not sure if I mentioned this last time), Elder Bednar is coming to speak to the mission! I have to think of a good question to ask him because they said he's going to leave time for questions!

--Hermana Mercado    

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