I have no idea what to say this week. This past week has kind of been a blur. Hermana Herrera and I have been working a lot, and have been finding new people to teach. It was been an amazing week, and at the same time a trying week. 

At the beginning, it was hard getting used to the change in companions. Hermana Herrera is great, but very different from Hermana Nelson. She doesn't like to dance, and she can't carry a tune; I've had to step up to the plate and give the tone in lessons when we sing hymns. And it was hard in the beginning because I'm literally talking Spanish 24/7 with no breaks. I've started to  miss English, and it was frustrating at times because sometimes I want to say things, but I don't know how to express myself in Spanish. But it has been getting easier. 

And Hermana Herrera is very patient with me, and very encouraging. With Hermana Nelson, I was mostly following her lead, but Hermana Herrera is helping me to come out of my shell more and now I'm sharing the load more 50/50. That responsibility has brought it's own stress, but I'm adapting, and I feel like I'm progressing. Although it is difficult, Hermana Herrera is really helping me to become the missionary I want to be, especially when it comes to listening to and following the guidance of the Spirit. 

In lessons, sometimes I keep quiet because I feel like I don't know what to say. Hermana Herrera has helped me to see that that is silly because in lessons, we shouldn't be the ones teaching, it should be the Spirit. I just need to open my mouth and let the Spirit guide my words. 

I've been talking more in lessons. 

We've started to teach Claudio, a 17 year old joven who has listened to the missionaries off and on, but he's much more receptive now. He has lots of friends that are members, and he's been attending Institute. We had a lesson with him and his member friends and reviewed the Restauration with him. He wants to know if it's true. We've committed him to praying about Joseph Smith, and to reading the Book of Mormon. 

It feels like we're kind of starting from scratch, because Hermana Nelson and I had to drop a lot of investigators because they weren't progressing, but I feel confident that if Hermana Herrera and I are diligent and keep pressing forward with faith, we are going to see a lot of miracles. 

--Hermana Mercado